What's Inside The 2019 Wall Street Reputation Study

The reputation of financial institutions on and off Wall Street has become another asset banks need to protect. The rise and fall of the reputation of household names in finance shows just how fragile a brand can be.

Our 2019 Makovsky Wall Street Reputation Study generated insight into consumer trust of their financial institutions, advisors, privacy, and how accurately they feel the media reports the financial news. Our sixth Wall Street Reputation Study provides actionable information for public relations and marketing professionals in understanding the reputation banks and their products have with their customers.

Financial Risk

We asked consumers if they were concerned about yet another financial crisis happening again, and if risk mitigating policies placed on financial institutions after the 2008 Financial Crisis should be removed.

Financial Institutions

Our survey found the largest banks are among the least trusted financial institutions, while regional and local banks are seen as trustworthy and honest.

Transparency and Communication

While trust in Wall Street remained low, consumers did feel that their financial institutions were clearly communicating the risk and fees associated with their investments.

Data and Privacy

Do consumers trust financial institutions to protect their data and privacy from cyber attacks or theft? We asked consumers if they can trust their financial institution with extremely sensitive information.


What network to consumers turn to for financial news? Respondents ranked the most trustworthy and least trustworthy TV networks for reporting financial news.


Financial institutions are investing more in emerging technology like artificial intelligence, but is it paying off? We asked consumers if they can trust roboadvisors to provide unbiased financial advice about their investments.
Wall Street Reputation Study

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